Adjustment MasterclassForTeachers

Join David on Saturday 27 April for the first in a proposed series of Masterclasses for Yoga Teachers. In this Adjustment Masterclass, we will deep dive into the anatomy, alignment and the art of safe and gentle hands-on assisting in postures.This Masterclass will focus on factors that may inhibit movement, understanding the anatomical principles of good alignment, and why and how we might help a student with hands-on assistance.  We will look at key principles of activation of antagonistic muscles to create balance, accessing the deep muscles which maintain structural integrity of the joints, and hacks that allow the body to release naturally. Strength, flexibility and balance depend on the harmonious working of each muscle and joint appropriately, building from the feet, through the ankles, knees and hips, into the upper body.  We will see how the base, the core and the extremity of a posture are interdependent and how to connect to whole body awareness in the postures.(I would like to acknowledge Bandha Yoga for the cool Trikonasana image!)

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years of teaching yoga anatomy of trikonasana
years of teaching yoga anatomy of trikonasana

Adjustment Masterclass for Teachers

An absolute essential for all teachers is knowing how and when to assist students moving into a posture, and being able to do so in a way that feels safe, non-invasive and comfortable. Being able to do this with no force, no risk of injury and in the most relaxed way possible is an art in itself. Behind the art lies science. David spend many years studying with and assisting his own teachers, Lino Miele, Manju Jois and Peter Sanson, and many more applying his own anatomical training and 30 years teaching experience to refine the Art of assisting to make it safe, ego-free and in line with the key principle of Yogasana: 'Be steady and comfortable in the pose'. The adjustment masterclass will cover:


  1. Factors that limit movement at a joint
  2. Leg joints and their articulations
  3. The axis and the extremity
  4. Building a posture from the feet up
  5. Key muscles in action in standing poses
  6. Whole body alignment


  • Preserving the energetic flow
  • Breath awareness
  • The dynamic phase - effortless effort
  • The static phase - wakening to what 'Is'
  • Surrender 
  • The perfect posture!


  • Ask: Would you like support in this pose?
  • When and why to offer support
  • Respecting personal space
  • Have no ambition
  • Apply no pressure
  • How: The Art of Assisting

ABOUT DAVID COLLINSI have been a Yoga Practitioner since 1987 and teaching yoga for over 30 years. Before I began to practice Yoga, I did a degree in Science at Trinity College, Dublin. Naturally I was intrigued by the immense anatomical and physiological wisdom that the science of Yoga, dating back millennia, demonstrated. My studies with wonderful teachers over the years have allowed me to reap immense benefit personally from the refinement of my practice over time, and I am passionate about sharing this with my students. The body is an amazing and precision-tuned instrument, and it is vital that we understand it's workings and honour and respect these in our interaction with it, particularly if the body in question is not our own! I have devoted much time and effort to learning how to best help my students, both with precise verbal instruction as well as hands on assistance. I hope you will join me for this Adjustment Masterclass, as the more skilled teachers of Yoga there are, the better the world will be. Be the best you can be!

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Saturday 27th April11:30 - 14:00

A 150 mins Adjustment Masterclass for Yoga TeachersIn-studio€100. Click below.

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