YogaVeda Living offers a variety of online classes from Yin, to Mysore and Led classes, to Dynamic Yoga. The schedule has been designed to offer students a balanced set of classes over the course of each week. Each of the different type of class is described more fully below. For the Full Class Schedule and to book, click on the button below.

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A class for everyone

All Levels Led ClassesThese classes are suitable for everyone. Students are guided through a balanced sequence of postures, with emphasis placed on correct alignment. Beginners are given alternative posture modifications where necessary. Class finishes with relaxation.

Mysore Style ClassesAgain, these classes are for all levels of student, from beginner to experienced practitioner/teacher. Practice at your own pace and receive individual attention and guidance. We will work with each student directly, helping you with all aspects of your practice, including alignment, sequence, modifications, therapeutic postures etc.

Yin Yoga ClassDesigned to access the deeper tissues of the body and increase the mobility of the joints, this Yin Class helps support you in letting go of deeply held tension in body and mind. The class challenges us to hold postures for longer allowing the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons etc- to release.

Dynamic Led ClassThis Saturday morning class is the strongest class of the week. It is a dynamic class with a focus on building strength, stamina and flexibility. Based on Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa but incorporating also some Second series postures, you will definitely feel you have worked hard after this 90min class. Not recommended for beginners.

Beginners Intro WorkhopsA comprehensive introduction to Yoga practice, helping students develop a strong foundation in principles of yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Suitable for all, absolutely no experience necessary. these Workshops take place every few weeks and equip students to attend the regular scheduled classes, Led, Mysore and Yin. For more info CLICK HERE.

Morning and Evening PracticesPractising in the morning we focus on energising the systems and getting ready for the day.Evening practices we focus on releasing tensions accumulated during the day, letting go and winding down.

pricing and schedule

A weekly class pass costs €39. There are 8 classes each week. Recordings of the weeks classes are available for 7 days when you purchase a weekly pass.

Drop-in class

  • Single online class credit
  • No recording
  • Valid for one week

Weekly Pass

  • Six live online credits
  • Plus Recordings
  • Valid for one week

Anytime Week

  • Six anytime video credits
  • Recorded classes
  • Valid for one week

Anytime Class

  • One anytime video credit
  • Recorded class
  • Valid for one day only
full schedule of classes

six reasons to take online classesat YogaVeda Living

As part of a weekly program, these different types of practice can genuinely enrich our lives. In our classes at YogaVeda Living, we will teach you a balance of postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation.

The benefits of these techniques are truly profound if we develop a consistent, regular practice. They will help reduce stress, improve our health and well-being on all levels and make life more enjoyable in every way. It is wonderful to experience the benefit that you can achieve and feel the great sense of satisfaction that it is all the result of your own efforts.

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1 Deepen your practice with expert guidance from teachers with decades of experience.

2 Experience a balanced variety of Yoga styles each week;

3 Develop strength, flexibility and balance in your body and mind;

4 Learn to meditate – we offer different contemplations and meditations in each class.

5 Learn pranayama – we teach breathing practices to balance your constitution;

6 Connect with a great online community of like-minded Yogis.

read what people sayabout our online classes

Take a look at some of the positive feedback we have received from students. It is wonderful to see that so many are finding the classes beneficial. It is so reassuring to hear people say that it feels just like practicing with us in “real life”.

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