Diet and lifestyle recommendations are made after assessing any presenting symptoms or health concerns, as well as any significant client and family health history. Paula looks at what is out of balance currently and at the underlying constitution to understand innate physiological and psychological tendencies. Consultations are available both online and in-person at the studio.

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During the session, simple changes are suggested to bring more balance into your body and mind, and as a result help you to experience a greater sense of ease in your life generally. All recommendations will be sent to you by email.

These will be practical and prioritised to help you successfully integrate them into your daily routine. Where appropriate, herbs are also prescribed.

A detailed case history is taken and any current symptoms or health concerns are discussed

Practical, prioritised diet and lifestyle advice is provided to bring more balance - physically, mentally and emotionally. Specific foods, herbs and practices will be recommended where appropriate.

Recommendations are sent to you by email after the consultation so that all instructions are clear and easy to follow going forward

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1 hour consultation

€ 125

45 min follow-up

€ 90

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Book your initial consultation and use practical Ayurvedic tips to improve your health and well-being. If you have previously had a consultation and would like to check in for some support or for further guidance, get in touch now and book a follow-up appointment.