YogaVeda Living Specialised Yoga Courses

At YogaVeda living we offer special yoga courses for all level of Yoga students, from beginner to experienced teacher. We have both in person and online courses, and some hybrid (in -studio and online) courses too.On the following pages you will find details of all our courses from our Yoga - The Gift of Grace Course to the 20-Minute Miracle Yoga Course. Just click on the links below.

awakening consciousness retreat

What are you looking for? We have Yoga Courses to meet all needs.  If you are having difficulty getting to classes, or maintaining a consistent home practice, then The 20-Minute Miracle Yoga Course is the perfect solution for you. If you are keen to move your practice to the next level, then why not consider our Yoga - The Gift of Grace Course. If you were offered a blueprint for how to live a happy and healthy life, wouldn't you take it? This is exactly what Yoga offers us. The traditional texts are very detailed in how they elucidate the sources of imbalance that lead to stress, unhappiness and illness.  Then they provide practices and precise instructions for how to do them, which enable us to mitigate the inevitable pressures that life throws at us and rebalance ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is what we will explore together on the Gift of Grace Course.

The 20-Minute Miracle Yoga Course

A fantastic 28-day online course for all levels of student.  Commit to daily practice for 28 consecutive days, taking just 20 minutes each day, and discover the miraculous benefits of even this amount of Yoga, when it is practised consistently.

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Yoga - The Gift of Grace.

Join me, David, to discover the deeper meaning of Yoga as a comprehensive science of self-care.  Using the 'instruction manual' of the traditional Yoga texts as a prescriptive for living healthily, happily and compassionately, Yoga- the Gift of Grace will give you the insight needed to establish and maintain inner balance of body, mind and spirit so that life becomes an ever-intriguing, ever-evolving, ever-exciting journey of discovery. Live with joy and clarity, compassion and Grace. That is Yoga's greatest gift.

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