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Paula Herbert and David Collins have been practising, studying, and teaching Yoga for almost 3 decades. YogaVeda Living is the culmination of their experience, gleaned over these many years, and in particular the last 18, since they first opened a yoga school together in 2002.

Their teaching has evolved throughout this time and is now underscored by the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda.

“We both started out as Yoga practitioners. We later began teaching, immersing ourselves in the practise, research and study of all aspects of Yoga. As our experience grew, we developed more in-depth courses to enable students to work on deepening their own personal practice, moving beyond just postures. For the past 10 years, we have run Teacher Training courses, supporting students in their journey to become Yoga teachers. Since incorporating Ayurveda into our own daily routines, we have experienced amazing benefits, and we wanted to share this with others so we sought out teachers so that we could learn more and opened our own Ayurvedic Clinic. Ayurveda is now a fundamental part of our Yoga teaching, and so YogaVeda Living was born.“

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Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other so perfectly that it doesn’t make sense to practise one without the other. When used together, they present a complete system, a perfect blend of practices, lifestyle, and nutrition that optimise holistic wellness, addressing the integration of body, mind and spirit, promoting physical health and vitality, emotional stability and balance, clarity and peace of mind.

We feel very privileged to have spent the past 20 years doing what we absolutely love and as we continue to grow ourselves, we aspire to authentically live in alignment with these wisdom traditions to help us stay as clear as possible, and to pass on to others what works for us.

David Collins
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Balance and moderation are emphasised in both Yoga and Ayurveda, and YogaVeda Living is about providing you with classes that help to bring about this balance. It is about providing diet and lifestyle support through our clinic, both onsite and online. It is about delivering courses that encapsulate key teachings from these wisdom traditions so that you can deepen your practice in a safe and holistic way. It is about delivering Training programs that equip teachers to go out into the world with confidence and teach from their hearts. It is about imparting practical routines in corporate workshops to assist teams in finding clarity that will enable them to self-regulate and maintain balance in all aspects of life.

Yoga Veda Living brings together all of our skills and knowledge under one umbrella, consolidating everything that we have learnt to help more people thrive with holistic wellness practices in these challenging times. We hope you will join us and be part of our YogaVeda Living community.

You can choose from:

Online classes;

In-studio classes;

Corporate Wellness workshops;

Online Heart of Yoga Course(6 weekends studying the 8 branches of Yoga);

Online Teacher Training(1 Year course certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals);

Online YogaVeda Living course(1 Year course implementing ten key principles of Yoga and Ayurveda)

Ayurvedic Consultations (either online or in-person);

Detox programs;

Infrared Sauna.


David has been practising Yoga since 1987. In 2002, having been teaching yoga part-time since 1994, he decided to devote himself fully to Yoga practice and study, and opened a fulltime Yoga school.

He says. “After more than 30 years of practice, I am still in awe of the incredible benefits to health and well-being that Yoga has brought me. It has enriched my life in every way. I feel a great sense of hope and conviction every day, that despite the undoubted difficulties that we all face, life can be joyous and filled with love if we work on making ourselves as clear as we can be.

Yoga offers health, happiness, compassion and awareness. The challenge is cultivating a Yoga practice to help develop these attributes within ourselves and to let go of those traits of selfishness, anger, greed and fear that cause us suffering and alienation. Not easy, but doable!

I am grateful to so many teachers who have helped me both directly and indirectly along my Yoga path, from my first teachers in Ireland way back when, to the teachers I am still studying directly with today. To each of them I offer my deepest thanks, in particular, to Sudhir Tiwari, whose friendship and wisdom have enriched us so much in the last 6 years.

Most especially, I give thanks to Paula and Grace, who are my daily support and sustenance in life, and who teach me the true meaning of Yoga by allowing me to know love with every breath.” Hari Om Tat Sat


Paula started practicing Yoga in her early twenties. She spent 14 years in the Corporate world before moving into Yoga teaching full-time. She was always interested in Holistic Health and knew that she wanted to work with people to help them live happier, healthier lives.

With qualifications spanning Yoga, Ayurvedic Studies, Polarity Bodywork and Counselling, she now teaches Yoga classes and intensives, runs in-person and online retreats and facilitates corporate wellness workshops. Paula also runs an Ayurvedic Clinic offering diet and lifestyle consultations and detox programmes.

She has worked with David since 2003 and together they built a fulltime Yoga school which has organically evolved into YogaVeda Living. She is passionate about the necessity for taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, both physically and psychologically.

Speaking about her own life, she says “I consider myself to be very fortunate – I have practiced Yoga now for almost 30 years with some of the world’s best teachers (I include my husband David in that category!) and learnt so much from them, and I am doing what I absolutely love on a daily basis.

Since integrating Ayurveda into my life, and into our family life, I am really inspired to share the benefits with others, and with YogaVeda Living we can now do that – we can help people experience real balance on a holistic level. We all know that life is unpredictable – circumstances can change in an instant without warning – but if we have cultivated a personal practice that can help us feel anchored, if we have put daily routines in place to support our self-care, not only are we equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life without losing our way but we then have the tools to be fully present in all of our life experiences and be of greatest service to our loved ones and our communities.“

Regarding the decision to launch YogaVeda Living, Paula says “Ultimately everyone wants to be happy, healthy and to feel at ease and we believe our role is to pass on the wisdom teachings from Yoga and Ayurveda as authentically as possible in the context of modern living. Bringing these two sister sciences together makes so much sense as now we teach Yoga postures, Breathing practices, Meditation Techniques and deep relaxation, all underscored by Ayurveda in terms of supportive diet and lifestyle daily routines. This is a wonderful foundation for physical health, stability of mind, clarity of thought and spiritual wholeness. This has to be the best job in the world!”

Paula would like to express her sincere gratitude for the inspiration and guidance received over the years from all her teachers. She is especially grateful to Sudhir Tiwari for his generosity in sharing his in-depth understanding and teaching of Pranayama and the Yogic texts.

Paula lives in Monkstown with her husband David, daughter Grace and mini-schnauzer Shantih!