Our clinic stocks a range of high quality Ayurvedic products, including:

  • Organic herbs;
  • Organic ghee, oils and spices;
  • Tongue scrapers;
  • Natural toothpastes;
  • Neti pots;
  • Therapeutic massage and hair oils;
  • 100% natural body and facial oils

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As part of an Ayurvedic consultation at YogaVeda Living, specific herbs may be recommended b. if Paula feels they will be of benefit. These can be posted to you if your consultation is online. General tonics to boost immunity can be purchased directly at the clinic without a consultation.

We have a selection of organic herbs used to support:

  • Digestion;
  • Cleansing and detoxing;
  • Specific tissues (Dhatus) in the body;
  • Recovery from common complaints;
  • Rejuvenation for strength, vitality and immunity.


urban veda

At YogaVeda Living, we love Urban Veda’s 100% natural facial and body oils:

  • Radiance range is recommended for Vata types who are prone to dryness and dullness.
  • Soothing range is ideal for Pitta types who experience redness, sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Purifying range is perfect for Kapha types who have naturally oily, breakout-prone skin. It is also recommended for teenagers.
  • Reviving range is designed specifically to recharge tired, mature skin.