Autumn Ayurvedic Detox WorkshopTues, Oct 3rd 7-8:15pm

Paula is holding this workshop on detoxing to provide you with an overview on everything you need to know if you plan to undertake an Autumn detox.This time of year is the ideal time to detox - to let go of physical, mental and emotional toxins. At YogaVeda Living we offer a nine-day detox programme.  You can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with. You might feel ready to go deep at this time and cut out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy, wheat or you might just dip your toe in the water and try cutting out sugar - the great thing is that this workshop will provide you with all the different options.

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Workshop topics:

  • The reasons behind detoxing in Autumn
  • The structure of the detox and why the preparation and post-detox phases are key
  • The detox options available from a mini home-detox focusing on cutting out food groups to more in-depth options
  • Foods and spices to support digestion when untertaking a detox
  • The importance of sweating when detoxing
  • The virechana detox based on ingesting ghee and finishing with purgation
  • Detox herbs - blood and liver cleansing herbs, ghee and medicated ghee, bowel cleansing herbs, purgatives, rejuvenative herbs post detox

Why do a 9-day Detox in Autumn?

Are you experiencing any of the following? Stress, poor sleep, inflammation, skin breakouts, bloating, poor digestion, constipation, excess gas, heartburn, brain fog, food cravings, low libido, sluggish metabolism...the list goes on but if you can relate to any of the above, a detox will help. Even if you are not experiencing any of these symptoms at this time, a detox is a wonderful way to help to prevent illness and disease. It is important to fully understand the process of detoxing and to have some support while you do it. To read about the benefit and importance of detox guidance CLICK HERE. [NOTE: Detox food, spice and herb kits can be purchased at YogaVeda Living. For those of you living in Dublin, you can deepen your detox experience using our infrared sauna and by having Ayurvedic detox treatments. (It will be necessary to book saunas and treatments as soon as possible to ensure that they fit in with your 9 day plan - Paula can talk to you about this on the night)]

Some benefits from undertaking an Autumn Detox include:

  • Detoxing is a wonderful anti-aging tool
  • Reset your digestion
  • Your mental clarity and concentration improve
  • You will look and feel better
  • Your skin will improve
  • Let go of toxins and boost your energy levels
  • Reduce levels of inflammation in your body
  • Let go of mental and emotional toxins
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Boost your immunity for Autumn/Winter
  • Rest your senses - take time away from TV/phones

Detoxing is not always appropriate however. We would advise against any detox if:

  • You have your period during the main days
Menstruation is a natural way for the body to detox each month. It is too much for the body to introduce a purgation treatment during this time.
  • You are pregnant
This is not a time for detoxing. Your priority at this time is to nurture your body and your baby.
  • You are severely ill or emaciated
Detoxing puts a strain on the body. It is not appropriate to do this if you are ill or just recovering from an illness. Contact Paula directly for a consultation in this case.
  • You have a severe Vata imbalance.
Detoxing increases Vata as it is lightening, and if there is already very elevated Vata present, we would advise you to talk to Paula about addressing this first - e.g., severe anxiety.
  • Over 75 years of age
At this time of life, we focus on gently rejuvenating the body tissues, leaving out the detoxification

This workshop is for generally healthy individuals who would like to do an Autumn detox. It is fine if you are experiencing some relatively minor symptoms. Paula will let you know if a cleanse is appropriate for you at this time. If you have an ongoing condition, please book in separately for a one-to-one consultation. In this case, feel free to come to the workshop to get a feel for what is involved. It is perfect for those who have previously undertaken a detox and would like to go over the details again, and maybe deepen their experience this time.

Tues, Oct 3rd, 7-8:15pm

Cost of this Detox Workshop€20

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If you would like information on our customised, deeper one-to-one 9 day detox programme CLICK HERE