studio classes

YogaVeda Living provides a comprehensive class program teaching the three essential practices - postures, breathwork and meditation.

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online classes

At YogaVeda Living, online classes are all live to enable real-time interaction with you and provide individual guidance within group classes. Recordings are provided with weekly class passes. Drop-ins also welcome.

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private classes

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teacher training

David and Paula have been training teachers for over 10 years. Their one-year Teacher Training course covers Postures, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy, Principles of Ayurveda, Class Planning/Sequencing and more.

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Benefits of Practice:

  • Physical health, vitality and strength;
  • Emotional stability and positivity;
  • Peace of mind and equanimity.


Practiced appropriately, postures, breathing and meditation techniques refine and harmonise our physical, emotional and mental health. We experience the integrated functioning of the three, even in the face of the sometimes difficult and changeable circumstances that life inevitably brings. This integration allows us to live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives - to cope successfully with challenges, and to maintain calm and ease even in the most turbulent times. For more on Ayurveda, CLICK HERE