Personal Well-Being Mentoring

Is your life everything you want it to be?

Are you happy more often than not? Are you healthy? Do you feel full of energy? Do you enjoy positive relationships at work and at home? Do you sleep deeply and wake refreshed? Or are you stressed, anxious or depressed? Are you struggling with health issues, poor sleep, lack of energy? Does life feel hard? If you answer yes to any of these questions then get in touch with us now. Undertaking a complete reboot with our Personal Well-being Mentoring Programme will help you rediscover the joy, vitality and positivity that you deserve.

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Put yourself in the hands of experts

David and Paula are experts in their fields, both with more than 20 years experience teaching and living according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda. David trained initially as a scientist, and Paula worked in the corporate world before both found a new passion in Yoga an Ayurveda, and worked to put theory into practice in their own lives. They have worked successfully in Ireland and internationally, both with corporate and individual clients, to give people the power over their own well-being. Underscored by a wealth of training and decades of practice, they combine the most up to date science with the traditional practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. The result is a way of living which mitigates the impact of stress and prevents the build-up of inflammation that is the precursor of so many of the chronic illnesses common today. 'Creating a life of balance is the key. If we have an appropriate diet and exercise routine, balance work and leisure, genuinely relax and sleep well, then health and happiness will follow. On our Well-being Mentoring Programme we will guide you and support you to make the changes you need in a manageable and enjoyable way.  Talk to us now and experience the transformation that is within your power. We will be with you every step of the way.'

What we offer

Our mentoring programme

We will work with you to develop a personal well-being mentoring programme of practices to optimise key areas of your life: 

  • Positive Relationships
  • Ideal Diet and Lifestyle
  • Appropriate Exercise
  • Relaxation and Sleep
  • Emotional Stability
  • Mental Clarity and Creativity
  • Spiritual Connectedness

The recommended One-to-One Mentoring programme comprises 6 sessions. It is possible to do more sessions if you wish, and you must do a minimum of 3 sessions.  Each session is 60 mins and can be conducted in-person in our studio or online. A personalised set of recommendations and practices will be developed over the 6 weeks. If you opt for an initial 3 sessions only, be aware that this will reduce the areas that can be covered. Before the first session we will schedule a call with you to establish and agree the areas we will target first and collect your personal history (health, diet, lifestyle, stress, current life situation). We will go through a Questionnaire to establish your Ayurvedic constitution, and discover what imbalances need to be addressed.

well-being mentoring

Key areas of work

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS Cultivating positive relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers is a skill that can be developed. Combining the wisdom of Yoga with a contemporary understanding of brain physiology and psychology, we will teach you how to be responsive rather than emotionally reactive. The capacity to meet every life situation with a calm presence of mind allows us to find the most appropriate and positive response in every circumstance. This skill will transform our all of our relationships for the better.

DIET AND LIFESTYLE What we eat has a profound influence on how we feel and think. Poor or inappropriate diet can lead to inflammation and make us susceptible to serious illness. The gut is our second brain, and optimising our diet to suit our constitution is a vital component in creating our well-being. It's not just what we eat, but when and in what circumstances. We will help you understand what foods to avoid, what foods, herbs and spices to incorporate in your diet, and how develop good eating and cooking habits into your daily routine.

APPROPRIATE EXERCISE The impact of stress on our health and well-being is well established. Appropriate exercise to reduce inflammation, maintain muscle mass and bone density is another key pillar supporting our well-being. Depending on your constitution, we will help you build a manageable exercise programme into your routine. This will involve using Yoga for strength, flexibility and balance, as well as cardiovascular exercise.

RELAXATION AND SLEEP The constant over-stimulation of our senses in this digital age is a stressor that we have to learn to mitigate. The 'Always On, Always Connected' culture takes a toll on us emotionally and mentally and negatively impacts our sleep. This has a hugely detrimental effect on our health. Learning good night-time routines and specific deep relaxation techniques will allow you to get the deep rest and rejuvenation that your mind and body need to reduce stress, prevent inflammation and improve immunity.

BREATHWORK Yoga Breathing techniques lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, improve immune function, and calm the nervous system. At a deeper level, they help to create emotional balance and stability, which allows us to meet and respond to each life experience in the most positive and creative way. These simple techniques have a such a significant impact on our health and well-being that everyone should be practising them as a matter of course. They have been known about for thousands of years in Yoga, and their efficacy has now been validated by modern science. CLICK HERE for more information on research.

MEDITATION Our mental health is depended on our relationship with 'the voice in our head'. If you are prone to compulsive thinking and a ceaseless internal dialogue, then you will benefit immensely from learning about this inner voice, where it comes from, how it is useful, and how to prevent it from dominating your thinking.  We will help you become familiar with the different aspects of your mind, how to use them positively, and most importantly how to allow the mind to rest and become quiet. This is invaluable for accessing the deepest, most compassionate and joyful aspect of ourselves. SELF AWARENESS Accessing this quiet Self reveals to us that there are several component parts that make up who we are; two emotional and two cognitive. The successful integration of these four is the key to revealing our fullest potential as a person and to manifesting the life we wish to lead.

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