At YogaVeda Living, we have a dedicated Ayurvedic clinic offering consultations, detox program, a range of traditional treatments, as well as a selection of organic products and herbs.

Ayurveda is one of the world’s most ancient, yet sophisticated mind-body health systems. It excels in the prevention of disease by providing us with ways to balance our constitutions through a combination of diet and lifestyle practices. When we integrate this ancient wisdom into our daily life and combine it with Yoga, we experience profound change and we are passionate about sharing these benefits with you.


Ayurvedic consultations are available in person or online. Any presenting symptoms or health concerns, as well as any significant client/family health history are discussed. Practical diet and lifestyle recommendations are made to help restore and maintain balance.

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detox program

Our unique detox includes an initial consultation, simple recipes, a complete food and herb kit (we provide you with everything you need), 2 weeks of online Yoga classes, 5 infrared saunas and recommendations to assist you to maintain balance post-detox.

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Ayurvedic Therapies

At YogaVeda Living, we offer a range of traditional Ayurvedic Therapies including:

  • Nasya (Nasal treatment);
  • Karna Purana (Ear treatment);
  • Ubtan (Organic facial);
  • Shirodhara (Continuous stream of oil on the forehead).

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We stock a range of Ayurvedic products at the clinic including high quality organic herbs, foods and spices, neti pots, tongue scrapers, therapeutic oils, massage oils and facial oils.

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Ayurvedic Workshops

Workshop - The 3 day Ayurvedic Home Detox

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