We are reopening on 12th July for live in-studio group classes. Live private classes available now.

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In our classes at YogaVeda Living, we teach you a balanced practice, incorporating three of the key pillars of Yoga. We are all familiar with postures, practiced for their physical benefits, but there is much more to Yoga than this.

Breathing techniques and meditation are the other key elements, which when put together with the posture practice, form a complete system of self-care for body, mind, and intellect.

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yoga class
yoga class

why choose to learn with us at YogaVeda Living

We provide a comprehensive class program teaching each of the key aspects of Yoga combined with, and informed by, Ayurveda.

The benefits of these Yoga techniques are experienced more fully if we cultivate practice supportive lifestyle, diet and behaviour and Ayurveda provides us with the necessary tools to do this most successfully. We work with you to develop a Yoga practice suited to your current needs and your constitution, which helps restore balance in all areas of your life and helps to relieve stress.

After a Yoga class with us, you should feel more centred and at ease. Flexibility and strength come naturally with practice but we focus more on balancing the nervous system and the endocrine system and this in turn leads to a greater sense of ease and well-being, which permeates all aspects of your life.

Between them, David and Paula have over forty years of experience teaching Yoga. You will be in safe hands – choose experts to guide your Yoga journey whether you are a beginner or a Yoga teacher.

YogaVeda Living offers classes that incorporate more than just Yoga postures. You will learn valuable breathing and meditation techniques to assist you in creating and maintaining balance during stressful times.

As Paula and David have worked extensively with people of all ages and fitness levels, they can easily offer you therapeutic modifications if you are experiencing any pain or injury in the body.

what people say about our classes

At YogaVeda Living, we are lucky to have students of all ages attending classes. Our aim is to offer a totally inclusive environment that really fosters a strong sense of community. For us, this is a big part of Yoga and over the years, it has been wonderful to watch friendships (and sometimes even romances and marriages!) blossom in our little Yoga community. We have been based in Blackrock since opening in 2002, and many of our students have been with us for a number of years now attending regular classes and sometimes even travelling abroad with us for holidays on our annual Summer retreat. (We hope that this will become possible again, in the not so distant future).

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At present, it is only possible to purchase a single class pass. Class numbers are severely restricted due to Government guidelines and social distancing. As a result YogaVeda Living is operating purely on a drop-in basis only. Please note that it is necessary to book your place in advance – it is not possible to drop-in without booking.

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