A 6-week mentored programme of diet, lifestyle and exercise for men

This is a simple programme which is ideal for people who want to create a lifestyle to support lasting change to their health, vitality and immunity.The goal is to help regulate blood pressure, reduce stress, decrease inflammation, lower blood sugar, improve digestion, promote relaxation and improve vitality. I set myself the challenge a few months ago and the results have been more than I ever anticipated.

I took some simple steps. I modified my diet, primarily in relation to sugar, and I started to exercise a little differently, adding in some strength work and cardio, and this is what happened.

Men's Health Challenge

MHC Testimonials

' The MHC is a holistic approach to getting your physical and mental health on track to a better way of enjoying your life. David's attention to detail combined with his calm delivery makes the programme very worthwhile and enjoyable. I am very happy to have shed 4Kg, but more importantly, about the changes to lifestyle habits that will stay with me.' Austin Kenny. Mediator

I recently signed up for David Collins‘ Men's Health Challenge. I found it a great way to kickstart new habits to live a healthier life. The 6 week live or online programme covers mind, body and spirit; diet, physical exercise, relaxation and breathing. David brings a lot of passion, expertise and professionalism to guide you through the weekly routines. David also gives the scientific background to what the programme offers. With longevity we are living longer and want to live healthier, fulfilling lives. This is a great way to re-set. If you want to feel healthier, improve your wellbeing and re-energise mentally and physically, I have no hesitation in recommending this programme.' Niall Murray. Newstage Transition Coaching Specialist

'David, congratulations on your superb course leadership. Your standard of presentation, personal attention and the knowledge you impart so easily is way ahead of my previous experiences.I am benefitting particularly from your Breathing and Deep Relaxation sessions within the course.Best wishes and thanks. Michael Brassill

This is my experience

I turned 62 a month ago and through Yoga and Ayurveda, I have been pretty health-conscious for many years. Good diet, yoga, walks – I thought I had it covered. So, I was somewhat surprised, last summer, to find that I was about a stone (~6.5kg) overweight for my stature. I took stock. My belly was wider than my hips. My stamina and cardiovascular fitness was not great, as I discovered when starting to cycle more! My fasting blood sugar was high, despite the healthy diet (confession - I have always had a very sweet tooth). I woke several times a night, snored and was prone to sleep apnoea. I was still very flexible but was definitely less strong than a few years ago. I needed to take action and so I took on my own Men's Health Challenge.


  • I lost 7kg in 6 weeks
  • I sleep through the night
  • I don’t snore! (Paula is very happy!)
  • I have no sleep apnoea
  • I feel much more energetic
  • I am more productive at work
  • I am more active
  • I no longer crave unhealthy foods
  • My fasting blood sugar is normal
  • I feel and look better
  • My waist is now smaller than my hips
  • My biological age is now less than my chronological age

Your health is in your own hands

Some of these are subjective markers, but others are quantifiable health improvements. I hadn’t anticipated the changes would be so pronounced and so quick. In fact, when I started, I didn’t really believe that I would succeed at all, as I was extremely attached to my chocolate. I had a sort of self-defeating notion that I would never be able to give up my ‘treats’! What I found is that, as soon as you start to support balance in the body, the cravings fall away themselves. Every aspect supports the other. Exercise is made easier by good sleep, which is made easier by good nutrition, which is made easier etc…

Accept the challenge and enjoy the physical and mental benefits and the sense of empowerment you will get from the achievement of doing it yourself. I understand that everybody these days complains of being ‘Time-poor’, so this programme is designed to make that one less excuse we can use to avoid taking action. It requires short, sharp engagement each day over the period. This was what worked for me and I know it can for you too. Everyone can do this, and the satisfaction you will gain from this over the six weeks will spur you to continue and to maintain an ever-healthier life. And we will always be around to support the effort.

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Quite apart from how much better I feel physically since implementing this programme myself, an equally positive result is the confidence I feel about the future and my capacity to continue to enjoy a healthy and active life for many decades yet. I know now I have the tools at my disposal and that the body and mind are innately self-healing if we give them what they need. So, why not join me on the next course, starting in  a few weeks. You can email me to register your interest or if you have any questions. The next course will start on  Sunday March 13th. There are only 10 places available to participate live in studio at the weekly meetings, but online is also an option.  So let’s look at the programme.

The Men’s Health Challenge targets 4 areas

Diet – recommendations for simple changes to diet to help detox and burn fat

Exercise – short (15min) routines for strength and stamina

Stress relief – deep relaxation and breathing practices

Sleep – establishing good sleep hygiene and night-time routines

The 'Why' is all important

We all want to be healthy and live long, happy lives and yet we take this singularly important desire in life completely for granted. We don’t support its fulfilment with our actions. I had to look deeply at what I wanted in relation to my health and why I wanted it. I realised that this is important to me because primarily, I want to be here for Paula and Grace (who will only turn 15 in 2 months). I want to see her grow up, and maybe have kids of her own. Being 47 when she was born, I was always conscious that I would have to take care of myself as I got older, but I kept thinking that was tomorrow’s task. Now, at nearly 62, I know it is today’s. Be clear about your purpose, about what you want and why and this will give you the motivation you need to be successful in the challenge, and indeed, in anything you apply this principle to.

DIETDietary advice on what foods to avoid and what to eat more of. Making dietary change can seem daunting but this is where our clarity of purpose comes into its own. Remember the goal. Long-term health versus short term gratification! The recommendations will not be too difficult to implement but are, understandably, often the most challenging aspect of the programme for many people, because these are the habits of a lifetime. Also, when it comes to family meals, it is important that it doesn’t involve too much additional work, or it will be unsustainable. That said, when you are given the support and information and know what to do, it is much more achievable, and when you start to feel the benefits of the changes, it becomes its own motivation.


  • Weekly Sunday Morning 7:30am Group session - live in studio and online with David. Recording also available.
  • Strength and Stamina – 15min Mini-Workouts 7:30am every Tues/Thurs/Sat. live online with David or via recording
  • Week by week daily schedule for each practice, manageable even for those with busy lives!


  • Weekly Sunday Morning 7:30am Group session - live in studio and online with David. Recording also available.
  • Breathing exercises that lower BP and reduce cortisol and adrenaline (5 – 15mins). Instruction at Sunday Group Meeting and video provided
  • Short guided deep relaxation practices (15mins). Sunday Group Meeting and video provided

SLEEPGetting a good night’s sleep is one of the most fundamental precursors to good health and is an area where there is scope for improvement for most of us. All of the  practices will contribute to improving sleep, but in addition you will get guidance on good sleep hygiene practices and how to establish the most effective night-time routine to enhance sleep quality.

Dates and details of the course

Course Schedule: Remember the Sunday meetings are for 1 hour and the weekday meetings for only 15 mins. All sessions are recorded and available to watch back at a later time if you can't make it live. The live sessions either in studio or online will take place at 07:30 on each the following days: PLEASE NOTE - NO SESSION ON EASTER SUNDAY

  • Week 1. Sunday 13th, Tuesday 15th, Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th March.
  • Week 2. Sunday 20th, Tuesday 22nd, Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th March
  • Week 3. Sunday 27th, Tuesday 29th, Thursday 31st March and Saturday 2nd April
  • Week 4. Sunday 3rd, Tuesday 5th, Thursday 7th and Saturday 9th April
  • Week 5. Sunday 10th, Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th April
  • Week 6. Tuesday 19th, Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April

Mentoring and Motivation

The hardest thing about any programme is self-motivation! The elements of the programme may be ‘simple’ but that doesn’t mean it is ‘easy’ to follow through. Taking on the Men’s Health Challenge means you will not be alone. Before commencing, we will have a one-to-one call and questionnaire to establish our baseline, then again at three weeks and at the end of the six weeks. In addition, you will have the support of the weekly group meeting (either in-person, max 10 people, or joining-in online) where we will go through the workout, breathing and relaxation practices for the coming week and find out what obstacles participants are experiencing and look at ways to resolve them. We will have a daily check-in via Men’s Health Challenge WhatsApp Group, a method which has proved very successful in our YogaVeda Living Course in helping participants to establish and maintain the practices.

Support Materials

In addition to the 4-weekly live sessions with David,  and the breathing and deep relaxation videos, there is also a complete pack of support materials for the duration of the course. These are made available weekly with any new material that we cover. They include

  • Videos of each weeks exercise, breathing and relaxation programme
  • Recordings of all sessions available if not attended live (access ends at end of course)
  • Shopping lists and dietary information to help plan a healthy eating regimen
  • Recipes
  • WhatsApp support group for mentoring, advice and motivation
  • One-to-one calls to set goals and monitor progress.

Live well. Take up the Men's Health Challenge!

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