We are delighted to offer a new series of workshops, which we will roll out over the coming months. It is wonderful to be able to connect with you in person in the studio again, but the workshop can also be taken online. The next workshop (see below) will have just 9 in-studio places.

The focus of the next workshop, which will be on Sunday 12th December, is Manipura Chakra. This is the third chakra or Solar Plexus Energy Centre, and is related to our personal power, self-respect, self-discipline, honour, ambition, resilience and intuition (Gut instincts). The workshop will teach you to be sensitive to and balance the energies at this vital centre. For full details see below.

What is a Chakra? The word means “wheel” in Sanskrit. The main Chakras are found at seven locations, each one corresponding to a set of organs and systems, closely related to the endocrine and nervous systems. The Chakras have been referenced in many ancient sacred yogic texts. Manipura Chakra, the third energy centre is governed by the fire element and determines our digestive power not only in terms of what we eat,  but also our capacity to cope with and integrate, to digest, the events and experiences of our lives. When this centre is balanced, one has a strong sense of self with high self-esteem and authenticity. When out of balance, there is fear – fear in relation to the body, fear of aging, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of loneliness and of course fear of death (the yoga texts tell us that this is the root of all fear and we all have this one at some level).

The Covid epidemic has greatly intensified fear in our world – there are record levels of anxiety amongst our young people, who are also trying to come to terms with the fears that surround global warming; for many families with huge mortgages, there is uncertainty on how to make a living going forward; for our older generations and for those with compromised immune systems, the fears of illness, loneliness and death have been magnified. The chakra system provides us with a framework to move beyond identification with the body, to move past fear and to tap into greater levels of consciousness that strengthen our character, our intuition and our ability to honour ourselves. When our 3rd chakra is in balance, we make choices that empower us, aligning life goals for deeper purpose and meaning, taking actions that facilitate our growth and evolution. The material world constantly draws us outwards – our senses are bombarded on a daily basis and the result is that our nervous systems and endocrine systems suffer as a result. Social media bombards us with images of the “perfect” life and the “perfect” face and the “perfect” body and this perpetuates feelings of inadequacy and insecurity regarding external appearance.

The antidote is to go inwards - to set aside time to address our fears and insecurities – to develop awareness, attention and focus. Only then can our own innate wisdom surface – the part of us that is already perfect, which clears these fears and insecurities. From this place, we can then fully embrace the present moment rather than resisting it by clinging to the past or imagining what the future might bring. We must learn from past experiences but the solution to being the best versions of ourselves is to live life from that place of “being” fully in the present. Awareness and the ability to focus our attention is a key part of this process. This workshop will provide tools to help you do just that, so don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in old mental or emotional patterns that keep you entrenched in the past or increase fear by catastrophising what might happen in the future.

Dissolve Fear and Connect with your deeper purpose and meaning through the Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra workshop will provide techniques to:

  • Develop a connection with your inner energy field through meditation
  • Remove tightness and blocks in the Solar Plexus area through specific yoga postures
  • Improve digestion through breathwork techniques to free up the 3rd chakra
  • Reflect and journal on your relationship with the Fire element (and its qualities as described in Ayurveda) thus far in your life, as this element governs the Solar Plexus (supported by a series of guided questions) – This exercise highlights your past story and sets the scene for your future possibilities


This workshop is suitable for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn more about their subtle anatomy
  • Is in a time of transition and is looking for clarity
  • Would like to develop a deeper connection to their innate wisdom
  • Would like to understand the link between digestive issues and the energy system
  • Feels stuck in their current life circumstances
  • Wants to clear old patterning as they move into the next phase of life
  • Is experiencing fear of any kind


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Please note that a percentage of the workshop fee will be donated to the Peter McVerry Trust