Teen Gynaecological Health Masterclass 

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PERIODS For this masterclass, Paula is delighted to collaborate with Geraldine Connolly, a paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist with 18 years experience in the Rotunda and Temple street hospitals. In this unique masterclass, we bring together the most up to date medical thinking on periods, and the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda (Yoga's sister science). We will offer teen girls everything they need to know about the female cycle and how they can tune into their bodies to feel strong and empowered as they move through womanhood. We have designed this masterclass for mothers/guardians and teen girls of all ages. Attending a class like this together fosters a relationship of openness and support as your daughter navigates the challenges of life going forward.

Empowering Teen Girls through education

During the last 5 years, and particularly since the Covid pandemic, Geraldine has noticed an increasing anxiety in her young patients and their parents around a broad range of issues relating to their gynae health. Numerous studies have shown the link between stress and difficulties related to the menstrual cycle. Paula has worked for many years with children and teens and has seen the benefits of movement, breathwork and relaxation, combined with implementing dietary and lifestyle recommendations from Ayurveda. This masterclass is about empowering teenage girls to fulfil their potential by increasing knowledge and awareness around their gynae health. This will help to decrease distress and bring ease along the pathway to young womanhood. In general, there is a lack of information and education about teen gynaecological issues. This can result in fear and anxiety about what may be very normal variations in development.

In this masterclass, Geraldine will provide a presentation that will cover: 1. Average age of first period2. Regular/irregular -  what does this mean?3. How long does a period last?4. Heavy periods - how is this measured?5. Period pain6. Clotting during your period7. When does ovulation occur?8. Sanitary products9. Difficulties encountered with tampons10. Period apps Dispelling the myths and providing science-based and practical info about teen gynae issues and related anxieties in a supportive environment is hugely beneficial for physical and mental well-being.

Paula will guide participants through a Yoga sequence designed to support healthy reproductive organs. She will also teach a simple breathing technique to calm stress and anxiety and a relaxation practice that helps bring about a state of ease in the body and mind. Geraldine and Paula will finish with a Q&A session that covers the most up to date medical advice as well as simple diet and lifestyle tips from Yoga and Ayurveda, to support a healthy cycle

Thursday May 26th7 - 9pm

In-studio and online places availableMother plus one daughter: €75Mother plus two daughters: €95