Awakening Consciousness Retreat 2023

Villa Azul in beautiful Fuerteventura is the venue for this special Retreat in August 2023. I say special, because we will use this time together to learn how to let go at all levels of our being; to let go of physical tensions, of emotional holding, of mental preoccupations; of the stresses and pressures that create so much turmoil in our lives. In short, we will use all of the techniques of Yoga, (postures, breathing, meditation, chanting, yoga Nidra) to re-awaken and become truly 'conscious'. We will rediscover how to embrace life fully in the present moment, aware and accepting of whatever 'is' and thereby find in ourselves the capacity to respond in the best possible way to all of life's demands with minimum stress and maximum skill.

Yoga offers a vision of the world, a manifesto for life, which sees happiness, health, wisdom, and an end to all suffering for all. What a world that would be! It would seem this goal should be growing ever closer. The continuous process of evolution has given rise to ever more sophistication; from the primordial elements to the miracle of nature as it is; the wondrous variety of life up to and including human beings with incredible capacities and intelligence; and yet the world and its inhabitants are still suffering. Why is this?

The answer lies in the degree to which we have evolved at the level of consciousness. While we consider ourselves to be 'conscious' beings because we have the capacity for thought, in a deeper sense we are still 'unconscious'. We have become 'compulsive' thinkers, dwelling on the past, or imagining the future and always thinking that we need life to be different to the way it is if we are to be happy. Lost in thought like this, we become unconscious of the present, which is where our life is actually taking place.

Believing that happiness lies somewhere other than where we are, we feel a sense of lack, of dissatisfaction. When, on the other hand, we let go of past and future, the compulsive thinking ceases and we awaken to a new level of awareness, an awareness without thought. We become genuinely conscious. This awakened consciousness reveals to us a dimension of being, in which we feel no lack. We feel deeply alive, we feel whole, and we feel a deep connection to everyone and everything. We experience a peacefulness and joy which is truly profound. The world needs as many of us as possible to be as conscious as possible. There is so much suffering in the world, and all of it is caused by unconsciousness. Driven by fear, anger, separation, animosity, and the feeling that happiness is to be found outside of ourselves, and that others may prevent us from getting the happiness we desire, we become reactive, we strike out, and this gives rise to all of the problems that beset the world. The more conscious and aware we become, the more we let go of reactivity and the feeling of being separate from one another, and the more purposefully and positively we respond to the challenges that life inevitably brings. This is the most important work we can do on ourselves. As we reduce our reactivity by being 'awake' to the present moment, by living now, and not in the past or the future, we increase the level of consciousness in the world, and reduce the level of anger, selfishness, jealousy, violence etc. Join us in Fuerteventura and let's work together to do our bit to improve the world we live in for everyone. With love, David and Paula.(To read more about us CLICK HERE)Hari Om Tat Sat

awakening consciousness retreat

Welcome to Villa Azul, Fuerteventura

  • Stunning location on sunny Fuerteventura – a tranquil village, beautiful ocean and volcano views, close to award-winning beaches.
  • Practise in the beautiful 90 sq m approx wooden yoga shala, fully equipped with mats, blocks, blankets.
  • Let go into Presence in the open-air meditation space.
  • Relax in the open and accommodating living and dining areas.
  • Accommodation in beautifully decorated suites, apartments, single, double and shared rooms.
  • Delicious vegan food from top chef – Villa Azul's in-house chef is passionate about good food and has run international cooking and nutrition workshops. (5 brunches, 5 dinners)
  • When not eating together in Villa Azul, experience the local cuisine in nearby restaurants
  • Villa Azul's warm and friendly team of professionals will be on hand to make sure you enjoy a wonderful experience on the retreat.

Overview of the holiday retreat

DATES AND DETAILS A small, intimate retreat during which you can experience the peace and tranquility of simply being present, in body mind and spirit. To facilitate travellers coming from different countries with various flight possibilities, you can choose to do 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday. ARRIVAL:Arrive Saturday 5th August 2023 or Sunday 6th August DEPARTURE:Depart Saturday 12th August 2023 or Sunday 13th August

DAILY SCHEDULE 06:30 - 09:30: Morning Practices - Yoga Postures, Breathwork and Meditation (Su, Mo, Tu, Wed, Th, Fri, Sa) 10:00: Monday to Friday: Brunch together at Villa Azul 18:30: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - dinner together in Villa Azul 20:00: Evening Practices - Satsang, Q&A, Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Nidra ( Su, Mo, Tu, Wed, Th, Fri) Note: There will be 6 morning and 6 evening practices. Those arriving on Saturday will take morning and evening practice daily from Sunday to Friday, and those arriving Sunday, will start Sunday evening and finish Saturday morning.

About our Awakening Consciousness Retreat Venue

In Fuerteventura, you will be surrounded and filled by the energy of Nature. Volcanoes, the ocean, stunning sunrises and sunsets, the sky full of stars at night and the magical rising of the moon. Hard to imagine a better location for a Yoga retreat. Villa Azul, home of T'ai Chi Fuerteventura, will be your home on retreat. (See their video below) It is located in a traditional, laid-back Canaries village, called Villaverde. Just 10 minutes from the long, beautiful beaches of the Dunes (Las Dunas) of Corralejo, Villa Azul is a peaceful place to relax, unwind and focus on the here and now. The village of Villaverde, surrounded by volcanoes, offers magical scenery and with the palm trees it feels like a true oasis. There is no better atmosphere to practise Yoga in and you will feel at home immediately. Accommodation is available shared, or in a very limited number of single rooms, which are in a variety different styles and themes to suit every taste. Enjoy the garden, socialize in the lounge or take your tea on the terrace with an ocean view. Fuerteventura offers a wonderful variety of picturesque beaches with turquoise water, where you can swim, snorkel, surf, meditate or just relax and take in the energy of the sun. Feel the sand beneath your feet and taste the salt on your skin. Breathe in the ocean breeze and feel at peace. PLEASE NOTE: (i) Prices cover accommodation, brunch and dinner (5 brunches and 5 dinners), plus all Yoga Sessions. Flights or other travel costs are not included.(ii) Shared accommodation should be booked as a pair. However, if you are travelling alone and are looking to book shared accommodation, get in touch and we will see if there is someone we can pair you with.

Awakening Consciousness Retreat Pricing

Booking your place on this Awakening Consciousness Retreat

To book a space on our 2023 Awakening Consciousness retreat and receive details about making a payment, please e-mail us requesting the type of accommodation you would prefer. We will get back to you with payment details. All payments must be made by SEPA EFT. Note that accommodation, especially single occupancy, is allocated on a first come, first served basis, and you should check availability with us before booking (especially flights) Note that Casa Casita is a cabin, separate to the main house, but its bathroom is in the main house. To see our Retreat plans for 2024 CLICK HERE

For further information or to request a space, please mail us by using the button below:

Please note the following T's and C's relating to our Awakening Consciousness Retreat.

(I) Awakening Consciosness Retreat Deposits: 50% Deposit to secure a place. Payable immediately. Cancellation before 15th March 2023. Deposit is refundable. After 15th March 2023 deposit is non-refundable.

(II) Full fees: If full fee has been paid, cancellation before 15th March 2023, 100% refundable. After 15th March, 50% refundable. After 30th April, no refund unless a replacement participant takes the place, in which case 75% refundable.

We always recommend that you have appropriate Travel Insurance in place to cover your trip.