Connecting with Shakti:Your Sacred Feminine Power Sun, Oct 1st

I'm really excited about this upcoming Sacred Feminine workshop.  It is a wonderful privilege to have the opportunity to create a healing space for you - a space for reflection and meditation - a space to connect with the energies of the Divine Feminine through the practices of Yoga. The last Sacred Feminine workshop that I taught was back in 2019 and it was a beautiful heart-opening experience for me. The feedback from the participants was incredibly positive and for some, that workshop really stands out as a turning point in their own personal development journey. This one has been a long time coming but I hope it will provide you with exactly what you need at this time to nourish and nurture you deeply at a soul level. I would love you to join me xx Paula.

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Bathe in the beauty of Sacred Feminine Energy

"May the light and ecstasy of the divine feminine awaken your life. May her sword of compassion free you from all obstacles. May you know the depths of her love, which is your own love. May you realize the Goddess living within you fully, joyfully as your body, your mind, and your inner self. And may your life, through her grace, be of benefit to all." Sally Kempton, "Awakening Shakti". Sacred Feminine energy enables us to refine our level of consciousness and let go of old patterns that are no longer relevant for us. This refined energy takes us back to the roots of who we really are at our core, under all the apparent stress, pressure and exhaustion. It's time for us to draw energy and vitality from the seat of our authentic divine feminine power, from our Shakti! If you have an imbalance in your Shakti, you may notice some of the following symptoms (I think we can probably all hold our hand up to a few of these!!)
  • Low energy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous System imbalances
  • Worried or Fearful
  • Difficulty clearly expressing emotions

The sacred feminine is about awakening this Shakti energy - connecting with our true essence.  The Sanskrit word Shakti means power/force/energy. Mythologically, this life force energy is described as feminine. In Yoga, we aim to balance both the inner masculine energy (known as Shiva) and this inner feminine energy (Shakti). Regardless of our gender, we ALL have both of these energies within us, This special workshop will cover:

  1. Yoga Goddess signature energies and techniques to tap into them - how to step into and embody your inner goddess energies
  2. Yoga postures to connect to shakti energy (suitable for all levels)
  3. Mantras to strengthen your Shakti
  4. Meditation to connect to your Shakti
  5. Reflection and journalling on your experiences
  6. Sound Bath using chakra crystal bowls

Our world is in real need of healing. We are surrounded by imbalance manifesting as burn-out, over-consumption, greed and social injustice. It is time for us to heal ourselves so that we can be a force for positive change in our lifetimes. By tapping into our sacred feminine essence is a wonderful way to fill your own cup with energy. By doing this alone, and recharging ourselves, we move into greater expression of our full potential. By doing this personal development work, we become more conscious and  we positively impact our loved ones, our community and the environment.  So I really encourage you to take time out for yourself on Sun 24th - come and bathe in beautiful energy. Paula has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 20 years. Join her for this very special Sacred Feminine workshop. To read more about her CLICK HERE.

Sunday Oct 1st Session 1: 11-1pm Lunch (1-2:15pm)(There are several restaurants in Blackrock to choose from for lunch.) Session 2: 2:15-4:15pm

In-studio and online places available In-studio: €149 Online: €135 (Please note that the workshop will finish with a sound bath - this will not be available online, so the workshop will finish a little earlier for online participants).

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