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This is a transformative 12-month Personal Development Programme of one-to-one mentoring with Paula - helping you integrate Yoga and Ayurveda into your daily routine. Over the course of the year, Paula condenses all the gems that she has learnt in her 20 years+ of practice and teaching and shares it all with you. to help you uplevel your health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Paula's personal experience with Yoga and Ayurveda

Paula has dedicated the last 20 years to deepening her understanding and practical experience of holistic living based on Yoga and Ayurveda. She has implemented key principles and practices relating to diet, exercise, work, relaxation and sleep, into her own daily routine. Having experienced the incredible benefits and results first-hand, she is passionate about sharing them with others. Paula is 54 years of age. She currently feels healthier and has more energy than when she was in her thirties. All of this has been possible through experimenting with completely natural practices and techniques from Yoga and Ayurveda. To read Paula's interview with Jasmine Hemsley about her experience of incorporating Ayurveda into her life CLICK HERE

12-month Mentored Personal Development Programme

Change your life to incorporate:

1 Healthy early morning self-care routines to set the tone for your day

2 Nurturing routines to set you up for restful sleep at night

3 Healthy seasonal eating routines and food choices for your constitutional type

4. Optimising your digestion

5 Building your Immunity and vitality

6 Caring for your sense organs

7 Morning Yoga practices to clear stagnation, and help to maintain your constitutional balance

8 Balancing breathwork

9 Connecting with your inner light - you are more than a physical body, more than your sensory perceptions, more than the constant barage of fluctuating thoughts and emotions

10 Deep relaxation and meditation

Why embark on one year of mentoring with Paula?

Mentored personal development follow your dreams

Paula developed this mentored personal development programme to provide a year-long, supportive framework to help people to:

  1. become more aware, more conscious, more alive and awake as when this is established, it enables aligned action
  2. cope better with the ups and downs of life - there are never any guarantees in life - even when we practise Yoga arduously, life can throw us curve balls - this is the nature of life itself - when we are solid and centred, we can move through rocky times with greater ease and grace

We come into this world with nothing. We also leave it with nothing tangible. Most of us spend our lives striving to acquire - the right qualifications, the ideal partner, the perfect job and career. We aspire to a certain lifestyle believing that when we acquire it, we will be happy and will be perceived as a success. There is a misconception that we have to do more, work harder, look younger, achieve greater things and make lots of money to be successful in life. Our society has bought into this - yet the research shows that when people are on their deathbed, none of these things matter. Happiness, love, peace, vibrant health, harmonious relationships with family, friends and community as well as financial security is what we all aspire to have throughout our lifetime. We all want to feel fulfilled and to make a positive contribution to society during our time here on earth.  Sounds great, doesn't it! So, let me ask you a question. If your time on earth was to end tomorrow, could you say - yes, I gave it my all, I lived a really fulfilling life and I feel at peace inside?

Every day we are given an opportunity to begin again - in fact every second is an opportunity to embrace change. We are reminded of this with every in-breath. Yet how many of us are ever aware of this, ever conscious of this incredible gift? Not so many!

Most of us are so caught up in identifying with our own dramas that we are constantly struggling with some form of suffering - stress, worry, anxiety, depression, addictions, physical health concerns, financial hardship, unfulfilling careers, acrimonious relationships - the list goes on.

No course can ever determine the events that will occur in your life, and guarantee that your life will be plain sailing. What I can guarantee with this mentored personal development programme is that I can teach you a set of practices, tools and techniques - practices that have been proven to work time and again to elevate your awareness and consciousness- and in doing so will help you move through life with greater ease and grace.

My approach is based on my own practices and studies - my own experience of what has worked in my life personally based on the combined wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Although these incredible traditions are thousands of years old, they are actually timeless - that is, they still provide solutions that address the difficulties we encounter in a modern-day context - and that is why they have lasted the test of time.

Who is this programme suitable for?As this is a one to one mentoring programme, it is suitable for all levels.  The principles are not complicated – in fact they are super practical so whatever your background, Paula will meet you wherever you are at, and tailor her mentoring specifically to meet your needs.

This one-to-one mentoring programme is also suitable for more experienced practitioners, including Yoga teachers and holistic practitioners, who are ready to take their daily routines and self-care to the next level.

So, how can you make changes, commit to them and fully integrate them into your life, long term? Firstly, this can only work if you make the decision that you are willing to change, and you take the positive steps to create improvement in your life. There is no quick fix here! This is absolutely key - you have to put in the work - no-one else can do it for you. This is the deepest personal development work that you can undertake - what could be more worthwhile? Secondly, you need to see results. Once you see the positive changes, the motivation is there to continue on this path. With support, the first part of the process is much easier and that makes the second achievable. You will know inside if this programme is right for you. If you are ready to do the deepest personal development work, schedule a call with me and we will take it from there.With love, Paula.

The one-year Mentored Personal Development Programme is structured as follows:

There are four modules of mentoring in the programme. Each module consists of 10 week blocks (separated by a 3 week break to enable you to integrate the material after each block), broken down as follows:

Week Topic
1 Early morning routine
2 Night-time routine
3 Nourishment routines and optimal digestion
4 Boosting Immunity and increasing energy and vitality
5 Caring for your sense organs
6 Daily Yoga practices
7 Pranayama - Breathwork
8 Deep Relaxation and exploration of Yoga Nidra
9 Connecting with your inner light
10 Meditation

How does the one-year Mentored Personal Development Programme work?

One Weekly Mentoring Meeting - a 60 minute session in-person in our Blackrock (Dublin) studio or via Zoom (or a combination of both in-person and online) to present and discuss each weekly theme. The dates of these meetings are agreed with you in advance of each term. There is a degree of flexibility for rescheduling appointments once adequate cancellation notice is provided.(40 one to one meetings in total)

All support materials (you can download these and keep them for the future) summarising each weekly theme sent via email after each meeting.Includes brochures, worksheets, pre-recorded videos and notes in PDF

You will also have support during two detox programs (totally optional): One detox in Autumn and one in Spring. These are the best times of the year to detox in Ayurveda. At YogaVeda Living, we have created our own 9-day detox program (based on Ayurvedic principles). Paula will support you through these 9 days (3 days prep, 3 days detox and 3 days post-detox.) Paula will go through all the information on recipes and required ingredients (note that the ingredients are not included in the price of the course, but the food is very inexpensive).  To read more about Ayurvedic detoxing CLICK HERE

One-year Mentored Personal Development Programme Fees

A one payment investment of €3,995 payable in full, in advance of your first mentoring sessionor4 separate instalments of €1,100 before the start of each mentoring block

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Terms and Conditions of Participation


The course fee is non-transferable (either to another person or another course/year) and non-refundable, except in the case of cancellation by organisers.

Once the fee is paid, there can be no refunds of all or any of the fee, whether or not a student completes the course.

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