Chakra Healing Course - Six ModulesStarting Jan 2023

In this unique in-person course (this course will not be available online), Paula will share her knowledge of healing through the main energy centres of the body. This course is perfect for you if you are interested in going deeper to understand the more subtle aspects of your true nature. We are not our bodies - we are not our thoughts or beliefs - we are not our emotions - yet most of us tend to identify solely with those aspects of our being.  This course is ultimately about connecting with that part of us that is unchanging - that part that is beyond the physical, mental and emotional fluctuations that usually define who we think we are. The tricky part is that to access this, we need to unravel all the layers that conceal or veil the pure beauty, love and joy that lies deep within every one of us.

The first step on the healing journey is awareness - becoming conscious of our gifts and at the same time, deepening our understanding of the patterns that dominate our lives and the thoughts and beliefs that we seem to constantly repeat - the reactive part of us that oscillates for example between:

  • overthinking
  • worrying
  • anger
  • frustration
  • fear
  • withdrawing

These patterns provide wonderful opportunities for growth if we are prepared to make changes and take responsibility for our own health and well-being. In this course, Paula uses the model of the Chakras to facilitate deep healing and to bring us closer to our true nature. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel". In Yoga, we refer to the Chakras as energy centres. There are 7 main Chakras and these are located along the spine, operating like powerhouses that generate and store energy. In our everyday state of consciousness, it is likely that we are mostly unaware of our energy field. Even when we practise Yoga, for many it can remain purely a physical experience.  If we delve deeper, we can see that in Yoga practice, we work mainly on the spine, and the practices aim to balance the flow of energy in each of these centres. This balanced energy flow brings about not only enhanced health and well-being on all levels - it is also the foundation for accessing a profound connection with our true Self or Essence - that unchanging part of us that reveals itself only in stillness. Most of us are so busy that we are rarely still. Our senses and mind are constantly over-stimulated. The real purpose of Yoga is to bring about this union of body, mind and Spirit. It is in the depths of stillness, that deep insights and healing occur. This course is about helping you to move further along that inner journey - it is about raising your level of consciousness, so that you can reach your full potential.It is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, meeting you at whatever stage you are at on your own personal development journey.

Chakra Healing Course Booking and Payment

The full course fee should be transferred to the following account: IBAN: IE60AIBK93367811916056, BIC: AIBKIE2D Before making a payment, please mail Paula to ensure that places are still available.

Healing through the chakras - Course Structure

The Chakra Healing Course will run from January to May and will comprise of 6 Sunday afternoons. Over the first 5 Sundays we will work with each of the 5 elements (one element per course day) - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth - the building blocks of the material world and of every physical body - each one corresponding to a particular Chakra. We will go into each element and Chakra in depth, understanding the gifts available from each as well as the key issues that cause energetic and physical blockages. We will cover balancing techniques to support the free flow of energy for each one. On the last Sunday, we will cover the more subtle third eye and crown energy centres and tie together the material covered from the previous months to finish with a deep healing journey through all 7 main Chakras.

Each day of the Chakra Healing Course will include:

  1. A personal chakra evaluation for each participant - Paula will check energy centres at the beginning and end of each course day
  2. Yoga postures and breathwork to open the energy centre we are working on
  3. Chanting to promote chakra balancing in that centre
  4. Deep self-inquiry to clear old patterns and blocks through awareness and presence
  5. Meditation
  6. Polarity therapy techniques and protocols to bring balance to the element and the chakra
  7. Sound healing (using Quartz crystal singing bowls - each bowl is tuned to balance a particular chakra) and deep relaxation

It is important to note that healing does not have the same meaning as "cure". The latter happens when one stops the physical progression of an illness/reverses it (often attributed to something external e.g., the use of a certain drug). In this case, it doesn't necessarily mean that the psychological and emotional stresses that formed part of the illness were addressed. "Healing" on the other hand is a very active internal process, which demands that we become aware of the patterns that do not serve us. It is a journey into understanding our energy and how to use it for the highest good. It is not just focused on the physical body and sometimes, deep healing can happen even for those with terminal illnesses on the emotional and spiritual levels but not on a physical level.

Chakra Healing 2023 Course Dates Jan 29thFeb 19thMar 5thApril 2ndApril 23rdMay 14th

Sundays 2-5pm In-studio only. Fee: €849

ABOUT PAULA Paula began her studies of subtle anatomy, chakras and the energetic body 22 years ago under the tutelage of Ann Boyle and Phil Maloney for 4 years at As Solas Healing Centre. She is a Yoga teacher (with over 20 yrs experience), Ayurvedic consultant/practitioner & Polarity therapist. Paula is passionate about teaching people to move beyond the physical, increasing awareness and consciousness through understanding their subtle anatomy. This course is a culmination of all that she has learnt to date. Paula will teach you techniques to help you correct imbalances that may be present before they come to manifest physically in the body. If you already have emotional or physical symptoms, Paula will guide you in connecting with the innate healing potential that each one of us possesses to help clear these blocks.  Throughout the course, we will explore the belief patterns that have been passed down through generations and through society that no longer hold any truth but nonetheless still have power over us. Through recognising and subsequently unplugging from these energetic patterns, we can experience a healthier integration of body, mind and spirit - deep healing that moves us closer towards the realisation of our true Self. Paula is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher. Read more about her HERE.

chakra healing with Paula Herbert

Chakra Healing Course Booking and Payment

The full course fee should be transferred to the following account: IBAN: IE60AIBK93367811916056, BIC: AIBKIE2D Before making a payment, please mail Paula to ensure that places are still available.