This masterclass is perfect for you if you are interested in learning about what is involved in a basic Ayurvedic detox. Spring is the perfect time to detox - to let go of physical, mental and emotional toxins.This masterclass will cover the Ayurvedic daily routine required for the three days, as well as how to make detox tea, how to make kitchari (detox food), and how to take the detox herbs to facilitate the removal of toxins.(If you would like information on our deeper  9 day detox programme CLICK HERE)

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The 3-day Home Ayurvedic Detox

The masterclass will cover:

  1. The right time to detox
  2. The Ayurvedic reasons behind detoxing
  3. The components of the detox kit and how to use them
  4. An overview on how to do oil pulling
  5. An overview on how to do self-massage during the detox

  • Learn 3 simple Yoga postures and a breathing technique to use daily during the detox.

If this is your first time to detox, and you don’t want to do a one to one  detox consultation, we highly recommend that you attend this home detox masterclass.Come away with a step by step guide on what is involved in the three days. Make it easy for yourself so that you are completely clear on each step. Use the 3 day home detox to boost your Agni or Digestive strength, as well as reduce Ama (toxins). Learn about the detox foods and spices that kindle our Agni and enable our system to burn toxins. Detox food, spice and herb kits can be purchased at YogaVeda Living.

Sunday 3rd April12 - 1:15pm

A 60 mins Masterclass (+15 mins for Q&A).In-studio and online places available€25. Book Now.

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