Anatomy, Alignmentand AdjustmentMasterclass

Join David on Sunday 12 June, either in-studio (recommended) or online, for the first in a series of Masterclasses for Yoga Teachers in which we will deep dive into the anatomy and alignment, and the art of safe and gentle assisting, in postures. The aim is to do 3 Masterclasses, each looking at different posture groups: Standing, Seated, Back-bends and Inversions This first Masterclass will focus on the anatomy and alignment in standing asana. We will look at key principles of activation of antagonistic muscles to create balance, and maintain structural integrity of the joints. Strength, flexibility and balance depend on the harmonious working of each muscle and joint appropriately, building from the feet, through the ankles, knees and hips, into the upper body.  We will see how the base, the core and the extremity of a  posture are interdependent and how to connect to whole body awareness in the postures.(I would like to acknowledge Bandha Yoga for the cool Trikonasana image!)

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years of teaching yoga anatomy of trikonasana
years of teaching yoga anatomy of trikonasana

Anatomy, Alignment and Adjustment Masterclass

The masterclass will cover:


  1. Factors that limit movement at a joint
  2. Leg joints and their articulations
  3. The axis and the extremity
  4. Building a posture from the feet up
  5. Key muscles in action in standing poses
  6. Whole body alignment


  • Preserving the energetic flow
  • Breath awareness
  • The dynamic phase - effortless effort
  • The static phase - wakening to what is
  • Surrender 
  • The perfect posture!


  • Ask: Would you like support in this pose?
  • When and why to offer support
  • Respecting personal space
  • Have no ambition
  • Apply no pressure
  • How: The Art of Assisting

NOTE ABOUT BOOKING THE MASTERCLASS: When you hit the Book Now button below you will be brought to the YogaVeda Living Schedule page on the Momoyoga booking platform. Navigate to the 12th of June and press book now on the Masterclass. You will be asked to purchase the product and if you have not already done so,  will be asked to register. PLEASE NOTE: IF 2 TEACHERS ARE ATTENDING TOGETHER ONLINE EACH MUST PURCHASE THE MASTERCLASS. IF YOU ARE JOINING AS A SINGLE TEACHER, YOU CAN HAVE A VOLUNTEER MODEL WITH YOU TO WORK WITH ON THE ADJUSTMENTS.

As teachers, Paula and I are always striving to learn more ourselves so that we can offer our students the best support, information and understanding that we can. How we teach and what we teach changes naturally over time and just as we grow and evolve our own practice and understanding, so too we refine and improve our teaching approach and technique. How I teach today and how I taught 30 years ago (even 2 years ago) has not stayed static. So now, I offer this Masterclass to share my approach to teaching the traditional standing postures. I'd love to have you join me. Om, David.

Sunday 12th June11:30 - 14:00

A 150 mins Masterclass for Yoga TeachersIn-studio  or Online€100. Click below.

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