Chakra Masterclasswith Sound Healing

In this unique masterclass, Paula will check your energy centres and guide you personally on any areas that need specific attention. This Chakra Masterclass is perfect for you if you are interested in deepening your self-study and in taking responsibility for your own health and healing. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel". In Yoga, we refer to the Chakras as energy centres. There are 7 main Chakras and these are located along the spine, operating like powerhouses that generate and store energy. In our everyday state of consciousness, it is likely that we are mostly unaware of our energy field. Even when we practise Yoga, for many it can remain purely a physical experience.  If we delve deeper, we can see that in Yoga practice, we work mainly on the spine, and the practices aim to balance the flow of energy in each of these centres. This balanced energy flow brings about not only enhanced health and well-being on all levels - it is also the foundation for accessing a profound connection with our true Self or Essence. The real purpose of Yoga is to bring about this union of body, mind and Spirit. It is in the depths of stillness, that we experience deep healing. This masterclass is really about raising your level of consciousness. It is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, meeting you at whatever stage you are at on your own personal development journey.

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A masterclass on the 7 main chakras

The Chakra Masterclass will include:

  1. A personal chakra evaluation for each particpant - Paula will check energy centres at the beginning and end of the workshop
  2. Yoga postures to open the energy centres
  3. Chanting to promote chakra balancing
  4. Chakra awareness meditation
  5. Sound healing (using Quartz crystal singing bowls - each bowl is tuned to balance a particular chakra) and deep relaxation

In this very practical masterclass, Paula will share her personal experience of energy medicine (over 20 yrs), to help you connect to and balance the energy in your own chakras. She will teach you techniques to help you correct any imbalances that may be present before they come to manifest physically in the body. If you already have emotional or physical symptoms, Paula will guide you in connecting with the innate healing potential that each one of us possesses to help clear these blocks.

In this Chakra Masterclass, you will develop a deeper connection to your own subtle energy field using Yoga postures, chanting, meditation, sound healing and relaxation techniques. With this connection, you can direct the power or lifeforce energy in your system and positively influence your health on all levels.

Sunday 4th December2 - 5pm

A 3-hour MasterclassIn-studio only.€125. Book Now.

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